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骷髅会的阴谋——之暗杀总统(The conspiracy of Skull and Bones - the assassination of the president)

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The conspiracy of Skull and Bones - the assassination of the president

SUN Bo, DUAN Lixia

The U.S. soldiers captured Iraq, and started to search for nuclear weapons in Iraq according to nuclear weapons road map provided by the CIA. But all the soldiers reported "Found nothing!" "Found nothing!" "Found nothing!" The General was stunned by the news learnt, which was completely inconsistent with the intelligence provided by CIA. He realized the importance and immediately reported this situation to the U.S. government. It made the Bush administration had been immersed in a awkward situation. President Bush ordered to investigate, and proclaimed to track down in order to find who provided the "intelligence" that there were nuclear weapons in Iraq. Came out the survey results, it was owing to the intelligence agencies who made a mistake. Thus, the reasons why they sent troops didn’t exist. And the public outside made a tumult, accused the Bush administration was a warmonger, a waging war liar. At the dinner party, George W. Bush was furious, and loudly denounced the subordinates, "You have lied to me once, fooled me twice, and couldn’t fool me again!" Rumsfeld heavily responded," All of us have made ​​a mistake, and the honesty of our system has been gone." Complain go complain, Bush and Rumsfeld have no alternative. Because they knew that it was the tricks played by some people in Skull and Bones in order to fight Iraq, they were only the pawn of Skull and Bones. What kind of an organization Skull and Bones was exactly, which even made the president of the United States, the most powerful president in the world, have no alternative but to listen to their mercy, as puppets?

1. The establishment of Skull and Bones

In the early 1830s, a man named William Russell's, a student of Yale University, had been to Germany to study for one year before graduating. Russell was born in a rich family which owned a large commercial organization engaged in despicable industry: Known as the opium empire Russell. When in Germany, Russell was closely

related to a secret organization's leader there. All the activities of the organization were not open, and the skull of the dead was regarded as worship objects. Russell was very interested in it, and soon was involved in its activities extensively. When back to the U.S., he solicited the most promising students in the class, and organized the most powerful secret organization in the history of the United States - Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones members felt that the principle of freedom and equality was not only the basic principle of the nature, but also the basic principle of human society. Today, freedom and equality have been human basic values, but many people in the world still lived in a dictatorship. Lack of good education, they are vulnerable to be bewitched by a variety of error theories, and fall into greater suffering. The shackles of the system and the yoke of the spirit were hard to shake off only depend on their own strength; Their aspiration for democracy would also be easily used by all kinds of ulterior motives of external forces, and became their pawn. So, if without the help from sincerely external forces, the ideal of freedom and equality was merely a dream for them, and it was difficult to become reality. The responsibility of Skull and Bones was to help all the oppressed and enslaved people in the world, to overcome various difficulties, to promote the principles of freedom and equality to every corner and everyone in the world. This idea of Skull and Bones gradually got the recognition of the most powerful family, the richest family and the world elite in national and the world. Skull and Bones gradually became the most influential and powerful organization in the world polite society. In the domestic, they controlled the United States behind the scenes. They chose to elect the people who support their policies to be president or councillor. In this way, they decided the U.S. policy direction, to ensure that as long as the Skull and Bones Committee's view could become American decision-making. Internationally, they firmly controlled the world so as to implement their principles. First, Skull and Bones members controlled the world's major natural resources, including oil, iron ore, rubber and other strategic resources, and controlled all the fortresses and channels with strategic significance in the world, by billions of dollars in their hands. They controlled the world from the fundamental human survival. Second, they developed the world's most powerful military machine, to ensure world domination in their hands by force. Third, they strove to seize the high ground of science and technology, making the world firmly controlled in their hands in the long term. Fourth, by the powerful political, military, cultural, and diplomatic power, they interfered in the world political and economic. Used various means to buy off and control of the senior officials of governments, or offered all kinds of support in economic, political and military, created conflicts in domestic or between different countries. Used a variety of means of economic, political and military to disintegrate other countries, and forced the world to have to listen to his mercy. This made Skull and Bones became the unique potential power which controlled the world’s political situation behind the scenes.

2. Differentiation

Skull and Bones has gradually been divided into two factions, the war faction and the business faction, since it was founded. Both factions have their own philosophy. In order to achieve the ideal of Skull and Bones, the both factions cooperated closely, took a carrot-and-stick approach to other countries, made the United States to gain unprecedented success. The United States has become the world's unique power. However, a divergence has been gradually emerging between the two factions during the cooperation.

The philosophical source of the war faction was basically a mixture of Darwinism and Machiavellianism. It says the world is a jungle, or the world itself is one of the darkest gangland where there’s no reason to tell. It’s a zero-sum game that among the countries all over the world. It is the fundamental law of the world that the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest, which dominate the world operation, “The purpose showed the correctness of the means”. It is not only the fundamental law of nature, but also the fundamental law of human society. Both ethics and law only played the role of decoration or disguise. But this law is just good, it is this law that really drove the evolution of all living organisms including humans. Only in the harshest environment, human gain training and development, and gain the most powerful vitality. Therefore, although it seems that the brutal war is not good, fundamentally favorable for the survival and development of human. The most fundamental source of human progress power is the death threats from the war. Based on this concept, any one of U.S. presidents later has never rejected war. Arms dealer group was the faithful representative of war faction. They not only made a fortune with the help of war, but also expanded the U.S. influence and interests around the world. The United States, step by step, quickly became the world's superpower from a new country under their support. War faction well-planned the two world wars and the Cold War, and the United States achieved a great victory in the wars. In wars, not only the United States achieved great political and economic interests, the arms dealer group also grabbed countless enormous wealth for themselves. This enhanced the strength of the war faction further, expanded the influence of this faction within the organization, improved its status, and gradually took the advantage in Skull and Bones committee. The second elder in Skull and Bones who took the number two position, was the representatives of war faction. He held the main military enterprises of the U.S. He was ambitious, extreme in personality, and had domineering temperament. He never cherished any fantasy to the outside world, thought it was ridiculous to solve the fundamental interests depending on love, just the pure hypocrisy of Christ, To force to convince the people was the real truth, which could let you have to wear, it is Darwin's law which drives all creatures progress. Although his position was not as high as the oldest elder seemingly, he directly or indirectly controlled more than one fifth of the world's wealth actually. His actual influence on world politics has been far more than the oldest elder who occupied the first chair of Skull and Bones. He has already been the world's most powerful man who controlled the world secretly behind the scenes. The second elder openly claimed that if we wanted to maintain the world peace, we should firstly ensure U.S. hegemony. Only to ensure the safety of U.S. security, the world security would be guaranteed. Powerful United States is the natural barrier for the protection of human rights in the countries all over the world. In the situation of world peace and development, in the name of "human rights", "freedom", taking advantage of some of the problems that currently existed in the world. He rebelled against the tide of history, united with his associates, continuously stirred up troubles throughout the world. First, the defects of the world economic and political order currently, increasingly close of the economic exchanges between the countries and lack of reasonable orders in the economic, that is, the conflict between economic integration and political still in the divided state. This situation made that various countries often ignored other country's interests and provoked economic war. Second, the terrorism caused by economic poverty and political inequality. Third, try their best to intervene in security crisis, territory crisis and energy crisis of other nationals. Fourth, there indeed existed many problems in human rights and freedom in many countries of the world, and authoritarian regimes still exist. They used these issues to create tensions continuously and provoked wars, and continuously launched Iraq war, Kosovo war and Libyan war. They also prepared for launching more wars. On the practice of force to convince of war faction, the executives in commercial faction had pointed out its great side effect, including damage the image of the United States, lead to other countries silent resentment, and the emergence and development of terrorism.

The philosophy of commercial faction inherited the mantle of the fundamentalism of the Washington doctrine and Christian doctrine. It says war could be avoided. They advocate promoting the development of the United States and other countries through the strengthening of the exchanges and cooperation of business, thought and emotion in the world. It is the fundamental method that promotes the democracy and equality worldwide, and world development. Commercial faction advocated convincing people diligently, they believed that it was the basic method to solve the fundamental problem, and the drawback was that the effect slow and easily be considered that the United States was weak by some desperadoes who might do what they wanted to do. Advocated regarding the United States as an example, to establish a new standard of value, and to guide the realization of freedom and equality values. Due to the scramble for fresh water, oil and other resources and territory, there have been a lot of potential problems that led to war in humans. In fact the existence of war was normal. With the emergence of nuclear weapons and their destructive power to the whole mankind, the existing problems haven’t been fundamentally solved by war. In order to avoid been eliminated, a terrible safe balance has formed among various countries with nuclear weapons. It seemingly seemed that peace and security have arrived. Human safety coefficient was actually greatly reduced. Human beings might fall into utter hopelessness, if eventually nuclear weapons were used, in case of that, an event which disengagement from the control of war faction, information misjudgment, or events out of control and eventually war was triggered. Therefore, Darwin's philosophy of war faction has been outdated. The oldest elder of Skull and Bones determined to change this terrible situation. In Skull and Bones, The oldest elder has the highest status, and was also the representatives of commercial faction. He was generous and kind, with the same temperament as kings and holding many world-class multinational companies. He believed that we should rely on innovation, cooperation and other means as soon as possible to achieve the freedom, fairness and prosperity of the world, the mean of war should be avoided due to its huge side-effects. He advocated that being convinced letting a person was the best way, which may needed take long, the effect may be a little slower, and easily be thought by desperadoes that American was weakness and they would do whatever they want, but couldn’t cause other side-effects. Fundamentally, it's the road of the long term peace and stability. He disapproved the practices of the second elder gang deeply in heart. On personal feelings, the oldest elder originally felt disgusted at war. He had witnessed the brutality of the two world wars, and then realized that the survival of the whole mankind was facing the threat of nuclear weapons during the Cold War. In the Caribbean crisis, the U.S. missile silos raised slowly hundreds of nuclear bombs, pointed to the Soviet Union; Soviet missile silos raised slowly hundreds of nuclear bombs and pointed to the U.S.. The Americans feared, the Soviets feared, and the world people took fright for that. Some people of war faction were still proud and laughted. “Take it easy, the war wouldn’t break out. The more tense the situation, the more close to the nuclear edge, and more favorable for us, our arms business would be better.” They tried to exacerbate the tension by repeatedly approaching the critical point of nuclear war, until frightened the counterpart. The oldest elder was very impressed by the daredevil and adventurous spirit of the second elder and some people of the war faction. The world closer to war, a greater say they had in Skull and Bones. Seeing the soul-stirring scene and the excitement of the second elder gang facing wars, he gradually saw through the true colors of their gang. They didn’t really believe in the spirit of Skull and Bones. The purpose of they launched these wars, seemingly for freedom and equality, for the justice of the United States and the world, but in fact was to grab a huge amount of personal wealth and achieve their ambitions of controlling the world. Skull and Bones was just a tool to achieve their objectives. The war not only brought him countless wealth, also gave him the status in the world that even Hitler never matched. But it would pose a great threat for the security of the United States and the world. The "freedom and equality" ideal of Skull and Bones was just a high-sounding excuse to create disturbances, to intervene in the affairs of other countries, and to wage war. He deceived the people of the other faction, and even the righteous people of their faction were deceived. He deceived and intimidated their people and the world people using war adventure one after another, sought to establish a world that the economics was controlled by him and politics dominated by him. He kidnapped the United States, took the U.S. security and interests at stake, to achieve their purpose of getting money and their personal ambition. He has deviated from the spirit of the original creation of Skull and Bones. Under his manipulation, Skull and Bones has been changed from an initial seeking truth, freedom and equality organization, degenerated into an organization that in order to make money without cared whether the global people would live or die. Skull and Bones has already become the greatest threat to human security and plague spot. It was no longer an organization that brought light to the whole mankind. The second elder actually become an enemy of Skull and Bones ideal. He launched wars, one after another, which aroused the condemnation of the world people. The oldest elder advised him to use bloodless means as much as possible to achieve their aims, or it would bring unpredictable consequences. The second elder laughed at the oldest elder's naive and cowardice. He reminded the oldest elder that there was only war that was the best and could be understood language for those dictators and people who didn’t obey the United States. “Who would be willing to give up the right in their own hands.” Only adopted war, the basic principles of Skull and Bones would be achieved. The oldest elder knew more than just words, and said nothing. He felt sad about the depravity of the second elder and Skull and Bones, for their behavior was disastrous for the United States and the world. He worried over the potentially enormous risks to the United States and the world. He opposed the second elder's every war plan, determined to save Skull and Bones and to make it get rid of the control of the second elder. Freed Skull and Bones from the conspiracy of the second elder's various wars, returned its spirit to the goal of the founder, and made the world back to peace again.

3. Inflection point

The inflection point of the disagreement appeared in the latter stages of the Cold War. Under the joint efforts and careful operation of the elite in Skull and Bones, Eastern Europe has collapsed, the Soviet Union disintegrated, the Cold War ended in western victory. The United States suddenly became the world's only superpower overnight. Rejoicing over, Skull and Bones faced the unprecedented monster force in the world - the United States, felt at a loss. Skull and Bones’ top fell into a confused state, they felt a bit lost political direction. A debate has begun appearing within Skull and Bones. They confused about where the real interests of the United States and the world were, and didn’t know what the United States should do in this world and where should the world be brought to next. Some people's thoughts still stayed in the stage of the Cold War. China and Russia were seen as potential adversaries, and they advocated to contain China and Russia in order to ensure the security and interests of the United States and the world; Some believed that the priority was the terrorist problem, which posed a challenge to the dignity and security of the United States; Some believed that the Middle East problem should be firstly solved, because who controlled the oil was equivalent to control the world; Also some people believed that China was a trustworthy country, if combined it with the United States and they co-managed the world, there would be no big problems. These views were very difficult to unify everyone's thoughts. The two leading figures within Skull and Bones - both the oldest elder and the second elder have their own views, respectively.  

The oldest elder has known the world situation perfectly. He believed that the current world politics has developed to a new historical period. Human society, regarded the United States as the characteristics of the times, has already been at a turning point of the development of human history. The world economy has achieved integration. As the economy has a decisive role in force, the development of world economic integration would eventually lead to the integration of world politics. In order to better coordinate the economic interests of different countries in the world, the high integration of the world economy would inevitably lead to the realization of the world political integration. If the political integration of the world achieved, human society would usher in a new period of political history, the global would play a 1+1> 2 force: 1, Solve the problem of bully the weak completely, and the law of the jungle is not the only way to solve the national problem. Eliminate internal friction, so that mankind could eliminate war forever, completely control and eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons, and maintain the human security fundamentally; 2, Make humans cooperate with each other instead of killing each other. Comprehensive coordinate and use all human strength, mankind will own unprecedented force. Enhance the human ability to respond to a variety of known and unknown crisis, strengthen the capacity of the human to transform the world; 3, Could save tens of millions of the best soldiers. Make the limited resources of the earth, numerous high-tech talents and huge military spending used most reasonably. These things would have been used to kill each other, now turn to be used for human welfare, which would be a huge boost for the world's development; 4, Promote the realization of the values of freedom, equality and truth in global. The spirit of freedom and equality would be full of every corner of the global. Make the "universal" political dream of numerous people with lofty ideals and the elite to become reality. The human would usher in a bright period in politics; 5, Nowaday, the political division state hinder the further development and deepening of economic integration, hinder the economic development. It would be better adapted to the current economic development only if the political integrated. Then, the world would adopt only one currency; 6, We could establish the most reasonable political and economic order, solve all kinds of problems faced by humanity, such as territorial disputes, economic war, fighting against crime, could package to solve a variety of headache problems faced by the countries currently. In this way, the freedom and equality, the ideal of Skull and Bones, could be achieved globally. On the contrary, if this state continued, the divided countries would be inevitable caught in a variety of disputes, human internal friction intensified, instead of playing the 1 +1> 2 strength, it would be 1+1 <2. Therefore, the global political integration would be the fundamental interests of the peoples of the current era of the United States and the world. From the various aspects of the current, all the necessary conditions for achieving the integration of world politics have been gradually qualified. It has become a realistic political program. The main forces of politics, economics, and war in the world now have been controlled in the hands of the free nations. Human economic integration has been deepened and has deeply influenced on national politics, we have accepted the impact of economic integration; Both the scientific and technological level of the human and the development level of civilization have reached a new stage. These conditions coupled with the careful operation of the powerful force of Skull and Bones, it could be able to achieve these goals. The oldest elder’s concrete plan was to regard the freedom and equality principle of Skull and Bones as the basic principle of the fusion of all countries. The whole project was divided into three steps. First, the big European plan - setting up the European Union(EU). Due to the ideology, economic conditions and ethnic origin of Europe, are approaching, European unification could be secretly organized. After the success of European unification test, followed by a pan-European plan -- regarding Europe as the prototype and platform, to promote the United States to join the European Union. Because the European Union would include many countries and be scattered, if there is no a heavyweight state as the core force, the EU would be an unstable political organization, some problems between different countries are difficult to solve by virtue of their own strength. So if we can’t quickly solve this problem, the EU would be difficult to be maintained eventually. The United States and the European Union have the same religion and political belief, and there was no significant difference in the economy level. But if the U.S. could come down off his high horse to join the European Union, which would have the core strength that could play a pivotal role, the problems within the EU would also be easily solved, and it could play a greater role in the world. The EU would rapidly become a powerful international political organization - the EU empire, which would be one force that played a decisive role on the national affairs. The EU would take on a new look after the joinning of the United States, which wouldn’t be only the reinforcement of the European Union forces, but also the U.S. forces. In addition, the join of the United States could play a demonstration and leading role in the world, and to prompt many countries with similar national conditions such as Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore and other countries to join the EU. The weight of the EU in the world political landscape would increase further, the pattern of human unified which regards the unified pan-European as a carrier would be basically formed. This step of the plan is feasible, and American masses would not have any objection to it, for all Americans advocate freedom and equality, and American joins the European Union based on this principle. There was basically not any obstacles occurred in European countries when American set up experimental organization-the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in those days, therefore European countries people also won't have too big obstacles for the United States to join the European Union, that's a very important turning point. The final step, the political integration would be gradually extended to all countries of the world through the enormous power and influence of pan-European, The political integration plan of all countries of the whole world would be basically completed. By virtue of the powerful force and universal values recognized by common people of the EU empire, no country could resist it and it's very simple to be achieved. The United Nations' experiment has been obtained the support of most of the world's people, which explains that the program will obtain the global people's support in the end. On those handful of not domesticating dictatorships, quickly marginalize them, and eventually encourage them to join the ranks of the free world. Thus, the world political situation would be changed completely and fundamentally. At this time, humans would live in a new world, which is unprecedented, could provide protection for the freedom and equality of the world people, a dream world of numerous people with lofty ideals in history. The biggest advantage of the plan is to give up the means of warfare, and adopt peaceful means to achieve human political integration. Estimated roughly, in 10 years, this plan could be fully realized.

The oldest elder was laughed at by the second elder when he talked about his ideas to him. In the second elder's opinion, the view of the oldest elder was unnecessary, childish and ridiculous. In his opinion, the world was full of a variety of races, religions, civilizations, conflicts, and history of hatred. There was a large gap between the economic, politics and ideology, the unity of the world, at least in 100 years, was simply impossible. Didn't say that the world unity, even if European unification was an impossible thing. Europe has been scattered and chaotic, mutually defeated, it was very difficult to form a unified force. So he did not take the oldest elder's program seriously. He also mockingly reminded the oldest elder, “Don’t be too ideal, all unifications in the history of mankind were implemented through wars. Our mission is to make the United States be the best. Only operated by America, the world would be the most reassuring”. “The realization of the principle of Skull and Bones was very simple. Just adopting military force to carry out targeted killings to those authoritarian states, the spirit of freedom and equality in the world could be quickly realized. For other things, just took it easy. It is more practical and faster. However, the political integration is unnecessary.” He said to the oldest elder. In fact, he just wanted to create intensity, to make a fortune by selling the weapons through war. So he was against the proposal of the oldest elder from inside.

There have been fundamental differences in perception between the head figures of the two major parties in Skull and Bones.

In order to break the second elder's various war plans which would brought huge security risks to the United States and the global fundamentally, to prevent all kinds of accidents, the oldest elder hoped to carry out his plan as soon as possible, so as to avoid something unpredictable happening. Due to the oldest elder’s political integration scheme could fundamentally eliminate war, influence the implementation of various war plans of arms dealer group, destroy the arms dealer group's interests, it would inevitably be strongly opposed by them. After the Caribbean event, President Kennedy worried about nuclear war would threaten the human again, once wanted to reach an agreement with the Soviet Union to end the Cold War. This has been fiercely opposed by the war faction within Skull and Bones, and Kennedy was get rid of by them because that he insisted on their views. Although the oldest elder knew that it was full of peril, he was still determined to expose their conspiracy. He determined to continue to deeply promote the integration of human after Roosevelt established the United Nations. In order to realize his plans, the oldest elder seemingly held no objection to all the Cold War and other war plans, so as to duck out of the war faction's eyes. They determined to secretly coordinate the important people of European countries, to provide funds for them, and to help Europe to organize a united Europe – the EU. In the commercial faction elite's many activities and efforts, as the quality and the level of civilization of European enhanced unprecedented. The oldest elder and European countries reached agreement on the basis of freedom and equality, the establishment of the EU has been achieved unexpectedly successfully. It was the first time that a large-scale human fusion had been achieved without war in the history of mankind, the oldest elder's political concept had been achieved successfully. Once the European Union appeared, the Hawkeye of the oldest elder has seen that the inflection point of the history of human development has arrived through the heavy clouds of history. With the intensification of the unified process of European Union, the opportunity that the United States joined it had gradually matured. The oldest elder felt that there was a heavy responsibility pressured on his shoulders. In order to prevent that a long delay means many hitches, to reduce unnecessary troubles, the action steps that the United States joined the European Union should be accelerated. The oldest elder and the commercial faction member, including the president of the United States, parliament, dignitaries, media, commercial tycoon and so on, contacted with each other closely, and finally reached a consensus that the United States would join the EU in the upper social strata.

  The second elder was shocked by the successful establishment of European Union. He had never believed that the oldest elder could make it come true successfully for it seemingly the impossible, he knew that what's the meaning of the founded of the EU for him. As long as the EU was established, the unification of the world was possible. They represented the interests of arms dealer, who needed wars, instead of peace. If this situation went on, the war would disappear, and next both their dreams of getting rich and their political status would disappear. The second elder would have been the most powerful person in the world, at that time he would be pipsqueak. He would never allow that situation to happen. The second elder who was on behalf of arms dealer group tried to impede the progress of the EU. Arms dealer group was developing a newest weapon, which could make the nuclear weapons exploded within the critical volume. If it was developed successfully, nuclear weapons would have become anti-personnel weapons in all the world countries with nuclear weapons. The second elder would have the ability to suddenly destroy all the states with nuclear weapons, and he could easily control the world situation. He has invested all his possessions in the development of the new weapon. If the new weapons developed successfully, and peace came again, he would be bankrupt. The second elder was to break the oldest elder’s program. In order to split the EU, and to obstruct the deepening progress of European political integration, they started to try various devices to set up various obstacles and to manufacture various conspiracies. At the same time, the second elder decided to negotiate with the oldest elder, he tried to persuade the oldest elder to stop his plan. His intention was that every thing was ok if the conversation success, if not, to kill him, so as to give other people a warning and to cut off the whole idea.

4. The conversation between the oldest elder and the second elder

The second elder firstly suggested the oldest elder to stop the support for the EU integration, and to give up all available actions. He said that the United Europe wouldn’t bring any advantage to the United States, and the unified EU would challenge U.S. interests much like the former Soviet Union with its powerful force increased, which would affect the stability and development of the world, and also affect U.S. interests, we should firstly be responsible for the United States, the world would be safe only if it was controlled by America, the EU would damage the interests of the USA. The oldest elder hit the nail on the head to expose him. “Saying better than singing, don't take the United States as a guise. You put Skull and Bones as your tool to achieve your personal ambition and to make money. For your personal ambition and wealth, you panic. For your personal interests, you ignored the safety of the other people in the world, put the United States and the world at huge security risks. You have lost the spirit of Skull and Bones.” He said.

The second elder defended herself. He claimed that he upheld the pursuit of truth, freedom and equality, the genuine spirit of Skull and Bones, just due to their different understanding of the world, which led to their differences, he hoped the oldest elder would return back to the truth. He claimed that Darwinism that indicates that survival of the fittest in natural selection was the rule that must be followed by all creatures in the evolutionary process. This law played a fundamental role from the remote antiquity to the modern times, even to the future. It was this natural law that ensured that all the creatures in the natural world could evolve, develop and strengthen continuously. The organisms that couldn’t adapt to the principles would be eliminated. Spaniards loved to eat sardines, but sardines were very delicate and couldn't adapt to the environment after leaving the sea. When the fishermen put the sardines into the fish tanks and shipped back to the pier, soon it would die. However, if catfish, the natural enemy of sardines, was also put into the transport container, sardines would naturally accelerated walks in order to escape from being swallowed by the natural enemy, thereby maintained exuberant vitality. Thus, sardines could live for a longer time. With excessive welfare and comfortable life, the human would gradually lose their inner fighting and enterprising spirit, just like sardines without the natural enemy. Just like the pigs raised in a pigsty, every day to eat and to wait for death. Gradually declined from the spirit, lost the fundamental source of power of evolution, this was the most terrible, and was very adverse for the development and evolution of mankind. There was no way to survive for the nations those reaped without sowing, didn't make progress, only to enjoy. And there would be an unimaginable variety of fatal crises for such a society sooner or later. The mankind would make the progress only if facing the threat of death every day. Every morning, the first thing when the lion waked up was to run, if ran slowly, he would be starved to death for couldn't catch up with the prey. The first thing the antelope waked up in the morning was to run too, if ran slowly, he would be eaten. Only the fastest could survive and pass their excellent genes on to the offspring, and the inferior would be eliminated. This law forced each creature to struggle, and the organisms would evolve. Was it cruel? This is the law of nature, which is the basis of our existence and progress, and we should respect it. If no such struggle for survival, which is the most brutal and facing death threats at any time, the biological potential would not be stimulated, and it wouldn't be guaranteed that the offspring excelled their predecessors. And compared with the lions in the zoo, the lions on the prairie would be braver. It would be the most ferocious and powerful organism only if it grew up in the most brutal environment. If the human being didn’t participate in such a competition for survival, only lived in comfort and pleasure, the excellent genes would be gradually eliminated in the long-term evolution. Human would lose the enterprising spirit and would be eliminated by the organism that gradually strengthened in the harsh environment step by step. Long-term peace, over-rich, high welfare, comfort and enjoyment, all of these would induce the human being to lose the sense of crisis and to give up struggling, make human decadent; Too much care for mankind, the excessive use of kindness, and compassion would make human weak, they would lose the wild nature for survival. In order to obtain the cheap votes of the people, some of the so-called democratic countries, kept on pandering to meet human's desire including lazy, selfish, vulgar, narrow-minded and short-sighted regardless of the truth, denied the basic characters of human survival - bear hardships, diligent, adventurous, brave and so on, and ridiculously the democratic countries turned into those countries to raise sluggard, which didn’t conform to Darwin's principle. It temporarily satisfied human desires, but it was great harmful for humans in the long run. It was irresponsible to human beings, if it went on, there was no hope for human beings. Nowadays human beings have no natural predators, except for regarding ourselves as the best enemy. All of our great modern civilizations, including nuclear technology, computers and so on, were forced out by war. We should adapt to the rules of the game just like the male animals, praise the war, learn to love the cruelty of the war, know how to appreciate the beauty of the cruel wars, and wouldn't be frightened by the war like antelopes and women. If you really loved the human, abandoned woman's soft nature for that was not to help them but to ruin them essentially.

Compared with peace, war was more like a strict but fair father, who didn’t show mercy to all human errors. Humans were like children who couldn't grow up, and selfish, greed, vanity, lazy, stupid, and cowardly. They didn’t have the ability to overcome their own defects. Only the harsh war could force them to overcome their own shortcomings, to purify the human spirit, to improve the ideological level of human, to culture people's excellent quality of courage and wisdom. Only the war could ensure humanity's evolving and ensure human beings always the most powerful creature on earth. War is always the most basis power source for the advancement of the development and progress of human. The cruel war which promoted human beings progress was the invisible hand behind the scenes, which forced the human to continue to move forward. The death of several people was insignificant, the general, long-term and fundamental interests were our fundamental purposes. Only dared to face the challenges of the most brutal laws of nature, it could be guaranteed that the human became more and more powerful.

The oldest elder disagreed with his views. He believed that the safety of all mankind should be firstly guaranteed. After all if human beings had been eliminated, anything was meaningless. Now that nuclear weapons have actually spread, if we waged war again, or nuclear weapons fell into the hands of terrorists, or other accidents happened, led to nuclear weapons adoped, the entire human race would be extinct, then anything else was meaningless. Human urgently needed for further in-depth cooperation, which could fundamentally guarantee the human′s security, and was conducive to human′s development. My plan could really achieve the ideals of our organization and all Americans, make everyone enjoy fundamental rights such as freedom and equality. There were so many benefits, but why did you disagree on it? You objected to my plans without any reason. And I knew that, although you seemingly noble, said orpheanly, repeatedly kept for " Truth, freedom, equality," kept on creating tension, manufactured all kinds of wars in the world, actually you just for your personal ambition and money. Skull and Bones would have been an organization which advocated truth, freedom, and equality, it has deteriorated into your tool to get rich and to achieve your personal ambition because of your desire for wealth and personal ambition. Skull and Bones has become an organization which ignored whether the people all over the world would live or die. You have turned it into a heinous crime organization in the world. War was beneath contempt, even you liked it. War rewarded the maliciousness, cunning, cruelty, destroying life, which went against integrity, honesty, and kind-hearted character. Your so-called truth, freedom and equality, just your excuses to wage war and to deceive the world people, it betrayed the spirit of truth and freedom of Skull and Bones shamelessly. In order to sell arms, to raise the price of oil, and to profit from war, you wouldn’t hesitate to provoke World War, and achieve your purpose to make money, exploiting bloodletting between human beings. In those days, you plotted to promote Hitler came to power, to induce him to launch the Second World War in order to achieve the purpose of disrupting and weakening the European; In order to achieve your purposes of disrupting and controlling Asia, you enticed the Japanese to invade China, and launched the Pacific War. Then you plotted to launch a nuclear Cold War without cared whether 60 million people would live or die, left all the world people living under the threat of nuclear weapons. Now, you still kept on looking for all kinds of reasons to wage war. So many people have lost their precious lives because of your behavior, I despised your acts. I believed that Americans and the world people would never be fooled by you again. The process of the history of human unified wouldn’t be stopped by anyone. This was not just my personal and hundreds of millions of American people's dream, but also the human dream. You hoped me and the world to stop the pace, it was impossible. I also advised you not to attempt to reverse the trend of the history, nobody could stop the process of reunification of the world. The United States, as a big country of the world, not only should not be avoid this historic event, on the contrary, should bear the responsibility that should be assumed as a major world power, and actively guide the realization of this historical process. Of course, we might have to face various risks. “Sometimes the price paid for this freedom is quite high, but we never reluctant to pay the costs”.

It is the inevitable trend of the development of human history that from economic integration to political integration, from European integration to the human integration. Only realized the global political unity, the ideal of Skull and Bones - to achieve freedom and equality in the world, would become reality. I know you thought it was just my daydream. The European unity was achieved, even you didn’t believe that at the beginning. Since Europe could be unified, the world unified was not difficult. The establishment of the United Nations has avoided the occurrence of World War, and we should further advance the process of the development of the human history. We should break the concept of state to overcome the selfish, narrow-minded, arrogance and prejudice, unify the world more deeply politically, further promote the world security and development. The successful establishment of the EU indicated that the state concept has gradually become obsolete, it has completed its historical responsibility, and it's time to exit gloriously. I hope that, you could realize your errors and return to the proper path after going astray, don't repeat the mistakes again, aware of the situation, and return back to the spirit of Skull and Bones. We should unite to achieve the principle of Skull and Bones, to be a beneficial person for the world and the history. This would be the outstanding meritorious service, and you would go down in history.

Realized that it was impossible to persuade the oldest elder, the second elder seemingly obedient, and closed to the oldest elder slowly and gave him a sudden attack. In peacetime, the second elder often practiced direct operation. He placed a small stick with irons in the end in the sleeve. Practice action was to lift up the hands, with a whirl, has thrown the stick from the sleeve and just with the hands, and then immediately -fast threw it to the back of the head as quick as a flash, just like Beria attacked Stalin's hindbrain, just only a move that put people to death. The second elder successfully murdered the oldest elder. He attempted to kidnap Skull and Bones by the assassination, and then forced the president of the United States to stop the step of the United States to join the European Union. There was a secret camera in the oldest elder’s home, and only the eldest warrior and the oldest elder’s daughter knew that. Prior to the coming of the second elder, the oldest elder had known that he was to come to lobby, and sent a confidential order to the oldest warrior, and the content was if anything happened to him, took the tapes out to the president; The second elder was likely to assassinate the president, tried his best to protect him. The tapes included the video which recorded of how the second elder killed the oldest elder. After watching the video, the oldest warrior determined to take avenge for the oldest elder and brought the scoundrel to justice. Be all ears and eyes of Skull and Bones, he did not dare directly to the police station. In order to expose all their plots and save Skull and Bones, he had no choice but to find a way to bring the tape directly to the president.

5. The conversation between the second elder and the president

In Skull and Bones, the president and the oldest elder were old friends for years, Their ideologies were consistent, they all believed that joining the European Union was the most favorable for the United States and the world, he opposed the second elder's various war plans. Although the president could come to power it’s because of the second elder's money funding, he was very disgusted with his self-righteous and arrogant attitude. The second elder had consistently contempt for the president of the United States, he thought that since the president's position was bought by his money to him, who was nothing more than a marionette in his hands. The second elder decided to consult with the president, and to persuade him to stop executing the program of joining the European Union. If the president disagreed, he would give an order to kill the president. The second elder called the president, and said, “It is my money to support you as president. “I couldn’t focus only on your interests at the expense of the interests of the United States and all mankind. I could betray you, but couldn't betray the United States.” The president said. He refused to cooperate with the second elder, and claimed to investigate the oldest elder's cause of death, so as to bring the criminals to justice. The second elder would like to say something else but the president hung up. The second elder swore to punish the so called ungrateful villain. He ordered the second warrior to assassinate the president, just like to assassinate Lincoln and Kennedy in those days. In this way, he would deter other membership of Skull and Bones to achieve their own purposes. Once the second warrior received the instruction, he began to grab the time to assassinate the president. If he couldn't timely assassinate the president, everything would be too late until the president got everything ready, and started to make a speech that the United States would join the European Union,

6. Black belt skeleton-class warriors be born

There were two top warriors in Skull and Bones - Black Belt skeleton-class warriors, the oldest warrior and the second warrior. They were childhood friends, and  were classmates with the oldest elder's daughter. The oldest warrior came from a rich family. He studied very well, and his ideal was to be a poet or a pianist. In the school, some bad students often bullied him. Every time the second warrior would come to help him, and even to be beaten together with him. It finally made the oldest warrior understand a truth that freedom comes from the courage. He began to learn martial arts to become a fearless warrior. Since poverty and no status, the second warrior was often be laughed at by the classmates in childhood. His father was a drunkard, often beat him after drunkenness. He heart had been full of a sense of insecurity since he was a little child. Because of the ridicule of others, he always fought with them, his world was full of hatred. He was very grateful to the oldest warrior, because the oldest warrior always helped him, lent him money, bought him the same clothes and daily necessities. He vowed to repay the oldest warrior. The childhood experience cast his ruthless character. Both of the warriors fell in love with the oldest older's daughter, but she just loved the oldest warrior. Because of poverty, the second warrior felt low self-esteem, didn't dare to pursue her. He attributed it that it was the wealthy which led to the oldest older's daughter loved the oldest warrior. Although there was deep brotherhood between the two warriors, whenever the second warrior saw that the oldest warrior and the oldest elder's daughter were so sweet, he always felt uncomfortable. He finally realized that only when he earned a lot of money and gained status, he would not be looked down upon, and would get his beloved woman. As a poor child, there was no other way in addition to redouble their efforts in order to change his situation. Harder to learn martial arts, coupled with his ruthless character, he was more fierce in the duel with the rival who have been hurt or disabled. Due to the oldest warrior just wanted to play touch, he had often at a disadvantage in battle, but it didn't represent he performed worse. Both the warriors had become the number one fighting master. After graduating from the university, the oldest warrior worked as a policeman, and the second warrior became a pilot.

On one occasion, the oldest elder’s daughter with the oldest warrior and the second warrior went to attend a cocktail party, suddenly appeared several terrorists who attacked on the second elder. Both the warriors took action at the same time, simply agile, and surrendered the terrorists quickly. “War have made us lose our families, is there anything wrong for us to kill this warmonger!” The terrorists questioned them, and the oldest warrior was speechless. Both the elders were very interested in their masterpiece martial arts. The oldest elder was not in favor of the second warrior's ruthless, he chose to talk with the oldest warrior. By talking the oldest elder found that they had the same ideas and perspectives, so he decided to absorb the oldest warrior into Skull and Bones. The oldest warrior became a skeleton-class warrior to defend the freedom and truth. The second elder appreciated the second warrior's ruthless, decisive and aggressive. He began to close to him and communicated with him. He found that the second warrior not only had powerful martial arts and was cruel, but also dared to do anything for money and status. He was the best candidate who he needed. The second warrior also joined Skull and Bones, and became a skeleton-class warrior who was not inferior to the oldest warrior.

7. Assassination

After hung up, the second elder immediately summoned the second warrior, ordered him to kill the president, promised to passed his position to him after achieved the assassination successfully, and transferred 20% of the shares of his company to him, then he would become a world-class magnate. The oldest warrior knew the plan, and he began to persuade him, but it was useless. "You are rich, of course, you don’t know what the money means for the poor. It means the survival and dignity." The second warrior ridiculed. “I would prevent you no matter what the reasons are.” The oldest warrior outspokenly told him. The oldest warrior determined to protect the president, exposed the conspiracy of the second elder, took revenge for the oldest elder. The oldest elder's daughter decided to join him when she knew the truth.

The second warrior chased the president three times. He snooped that the president determined to fete the chairman of country Z in the White House, revealed that the United States would join the EU, hoped for the support of country Z. He disguised himself as a reporter, sneaked into the White House, and then into a sewer where he excavated a secret passage, and climbed out from the flowers of an adjacent hall, then lurked inside a cupboard in the White House. He fired a shot at the president when he was shaking hands with the chairman. When the president just bowed, the bullet deflection, hit the screen. All the people present actually didn’t detective what happened. Only the oldest warrior saw that there suddenly appeared a bullet hole on the curtain, and he knew that the second warrior had entered. The oldest warrior had found the second warrior's site before he mounted bullet to prepare the second shot, and immediately launched attacks against him. It was unusually quiet inside the hall, but outside played upside down. Finally, the second warrior realized that the assassination couldn't succeed, he robbed a vehicle to escape. The oldest warrior drove his car to pursue tightly. Finally the oldest warrior gave up the chase for fear of hurting the public after the second warrior knocked down several vehicles continuously.

The second warrior spied that the president had to go through the downtown, he believed that it was a good opportunity to kill the president and then fled in disarray. He decided to pilot a plane to attack the president’s vehicle. On behalf of the training, he drove away a stealth aircraft. The presidential motorcade was passing the downtown when he arrived. He opened the missile launching system, locked the president's car, fired a missile, and the president's car was blew up. Due to the enormous power of the missile, crashed and overturned on the street, everywhere was a mess. Coincidentally, the president was negotiating something with the vice-president and just by the vice-president's car that day. So the second warrior bombed the wrong car, he didn't kill the president. When the president got off to view the situation, he saw he still lived and determined to re-targeted. The oldest elder's daughter monitored the second warrior's phone, and knew his plans in advance. She promptly notified the oldest warrior, and disguised as a reporter getting into the military airport. The oldest warrior also entered the military airfield. He and the oldest elder's daughter stole a plane from the airport to chase over. He had rushed to the scene when the second warrior launched the first missile, and he fired a missile to the second warrior's plane too. The second warrior hastily dodged. The second warrior began intensive bullet, tried to put the president to death. He killed all the defenders. The oldest warrior continuously fired missiles. Seeing the situation was desperate, and because of chaotic scene, realizing that it was impossible to kill the president for it was too difficult to target him, the second warrior began to pilot a plane to escape. When the air force aircraft have been sent out, he has to try all methods to get rid of the chase of the oldest warrior and the military as soon as possible. The second warrior launched series of missiles and volley blew up several of the air force aircrafts chased over. The oldest warrior tightly fastened him, and tried to persuade him to give up the action of the assassination of the president and not to do unjust things again just for money over the phone. The second warrior started the aircraft autopilot function, jumped into the sea to escape in the corner, closely followed by the air force planes. “If you prevent me again, I will even kill you”. Before leaving he left a word to the oldest warrior.

All the preparations had been completed, the president would make a speech in congress and put forward the resolution that promoted the United States to join the European Union, so that the resolution would pass by parliament. In the lounge, the president finally saw the video sent by the oldest warrior, he was shocked for he couldn't imagine how the second elder was so cruel to kill one of their own. He immediately summoned the police chief and ordered him to attend to this matter immediately. The police chief deployed the action of arrests immediately. The second elder was extremely dissatisfied with the second warrior's performance and shouted at him. The second warrior was forced to rush into danger. Due to time is of essence, he began to grab all the time to prevent the president from appearing at the podium, and strove to kill him before the start of his speech. The second warrior believed that he could achieve the plan, by virtue of his excellent martial arts, plus makeup, and directly broke into the congress. The second elder deceived him that he would send assistance to him. Carrying the package fitted with weapons, the second warrior came up to the presidential lounge. The president's guards stopped him and asked him what he carried, he said nothing but took the weapons out directly and killed all present guards. The oldest warrior arrived in time when he approached the lounge. That was a fierce battle. The three consecutive assassinations have failed under the help of the oldest elder's daughter. The second warrior has been pushed to the roof under the coercion of a number of guards and the oldest warrior. His assassination plans have failed and he had no way to escape. While the second warrior yearning for money, fame and fortune, he has the ability to kill the oldest warrior, and several times he was to be a pain killer, but he took into account their brotherhood, he always failed to do so. Facing everyone pressing harder and harder, he pointed his gun at the oldest warrior. The oldest warrior didn't believe that he would kill him and advised him not to become a tool for use by others, and to consider more for the sake of the country and most people. "I don't take care of the national and others but you. You are my brother and we ever went through thick and thin together." The second warrior said to the oldest warrior. He suddenly pointed his gun at himself and pulled the trigger, the oldest warrior and the oldest elder's daughter tried very hard to block but failed, just watched the second warrior committed suicide and fell to the ground.

The second elder's plan was to assassinate the president before he made a speech. Just like the assassination of Kennedy and Lincoln, imposed to those who dare to oppose him with color. He confidently waited for the news of the assassination of the president in front of the TV set.


On TV, the president was making a speech:

“……The United States' joining, not only related to ourselves. It would enable Europe to have the core strength, play a tremendous cohesion for the unstable Europe, and prevent the EU from collapse. It would also play a good demonstration effect for the other democratic countries around the world to join the EU. All these would greatly enhance the power of the free world. However, some people may be square accounts in every detail. "Is it benefit for us?" "Is it necessary.", they may be in doubt. Please don’t forget that our country is the United States. For the sake of our ideal, we are willing to bear the temporary loss and risk, which would enable us to have more power to make our dream come true.

In the epic May flower, we first established the basic principles of democratic statehood. The voice of the statue of liberty has been echoed in our ears, “Give those people to me please, those who are tired, poor, huddled together yearning to breathe freely, those who are abandoned, homeless, displaced in your fertile coast, give them to me please, I hold the light of freedom high in Kinmen side.” The passionate language has inspired those forefathers who suffered a lot in a foreign country, drifted to the United States through the stormy sea and the narrow escape for freedom, and gave them the confidence and courage of life. We note that, even today, there are many places throughout the world were still overcast, a lot of people are living in the suffering and torment. In order to seek freedom, they suffered persecution mania and combating tyranny in their countries, they teetered on the whirlwind of tyranny, groaned under the dictator's token. This situation will be surely changed. The people of the other side of the free world, I want to remind you that you can lose anything including property, freedom and dignity, except hope, light and courage. Don’t be craven, resentful and confusion. You should have to believe that the U.S. has never forgotten about you, and he will not ignore the oppression you suffered. For each person whose heart desire for the pursuit of freedom, the United States is your most loyal friends and comrades in arms. Our hearts and your hearts are linked together, your career is just the cause of America. And for those who seek to destroy our faith with the help of terror and violence, our faith would be more firm. The souls of the freedom fighters who were buried in Arlington Cemetery, Concord and Gettysburg, were proved to the world that, we not only have the Christ spirit that is willing to sacrifice for others, but also have the courage to devote for faith. No pain, no gain. For faith we are willing to pay any price. I want to warn those who try to oppress others that, the enemy of freedom and human rights don’t have any luck, you will eventually be blew by the United States and the free world, you will incur destruction. Let the free peoples of the world unite, let’s work together to achieve our common belief, "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are born free, and are created equal."

We haven never forgotten the responsibilities of the United States for its ideals because of its wealth, or have any idle and lazy. We have excessively concerned about a "special state" - the United States, and often intentionally or unintentionally ignored a "more special country", the "more special country" is a "state" which consists of "all the world's citizens". In fact, if we only cared about the prosperity of the United States, and ignored the people of other countries long-term struggling in the slums, the prosperity and happiness of the United States couldn't maintain for a long time, and that was also not allowed by our faith. Now, let’s abandon the selfish, narrow-minded, prejudice and arrogance, concern more about the "more special country" where the American was born, bred, rooted, and couldn't leave even for a moment. Both their people and American people are children of the God, and have exactly the same rights to enjoy freedom, equality and prosperity. Their prosperity is also the fundamental guarantee for lasting prosperity in the United States. The United States’ joining the EU is just a beginning. Our ultimate ideal is that, there no longer exist points of national, ethnic, and racial in the internal of the "more special country". It is only composed by many men, women, the aged and children, every day they pray, work, live and care for others. Everyone in this country would become this kind of citizens who would be truly have the sense of responsibility and ownership. They would no longer be spectators of the free world, more than the dictator's subjects and servants,  they would no longer be mutual hostility because of the "national", "color" or "belief", and would work together to build a world full of happiness and mutual assistance. Once I have a dream that one day, the holy light of freedom would shine through any corner of the globe. At that time, all the children of the God - the yellows, whites and blacks, Jews, Christians and Muslims, would work together to sing songs of freedom. It once was the political dream of countless ancient and modern sages in the world, numerous men and women with high ideals in history had been fighting for it. Fortunately and excitingly, the history dream would become reality in our hands. “Whether we could achieve it, and earlier?”, someone might suspect. I want to tell you that, both from political conditions and economic conditions, now is the right time. These conditions were not formed in a day or a year, but went through many years’ struggled results of the United States and the people of the world. Let us work together to seize the historic opportunity to cast the vote which has a turning point on the history of the future, make this historical ideal come into reality in our hands by our efforts. In this new world, they would no longer need to set up specially soldiers, cruise missile and stealth aircraft for massacring, and only rely on the efficiency policemen to maintain the world orders; Science, wisdom, oil and atomic energy would be used to achieve the human being dream rather than to mutual threats and killings. All of these would join together to explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate diseases, tap the ocean depths, and encourage commerce and the arts. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are born free and equal". Let the free people of the world unite, and let us work together to achieve our common belief.

I believe that any country that desire for freedom and justice would be approve of our plan, for in which there is not a little is for the self-interest of the United States or a small group, or contain other conspiracy. This plan would greatly enhance the strength of the free world, and would be more conducive to the leadership role of the United States and the free world in the world. When freedom and justice faced with the threat, we had never been" If you call, I would like to obey ", instead, we would all be duty-bound to stand out. Originally, a lot of people believed that it was simply an idiot's daydream that talked about truth and justice in this jungle planet. But the United States has never been frustrated, and he was spurred on by ambition from the outset, firmly believed that only justice and freedom has enduring strength. By virtue of not very powerful national strength and together with other countries, he would establish a world order in various of different countries preliminarily, although rough, but after all, it is unprecedented. In the vast darkness of million years of human, he established liberty and justice, which liked a beacon in the night and gave people infinite hope. The United States is just the ordinary one in more than 200 countries on the earth, but best use of his limited force to safeguard the peace and unprecedented prosperity of the world in recent decades. He invented high-tech products which were unimaginable in the history for human, so that people could travel by car or by airplane, could be contact with each other by phone or the internet, and could use of the power of science to overcome all kinds of diseases and greatly extend the human life span; We have greatly pushed forward the process of freedom and democracy in the world, we knew how to use the war to defend justice and freedom. All the massacres in the past history were just for the selfish profits or narrow prejudices, and truth and justice were just the beautiful clothes or deceitful trick of the dictators. But we changed the nature of war, hit the dictatorship and the power of the devastated people, made justice and freedom become reality. All of the above had never appeared in the million years of history of mankind. Now almost each of the country in the world is sharing the benefits brought by the United States, but some have always criticized the United States, or expressed their disapprobation of it. We believe that, at present, if the world is passed on to any other country, none of them would do better than the United States. Of course, we have to admit that there are many things we do not good enough, we hope to hear your voice, and we think that your criticism is useful for the United States, we would put more effort into our work. Let us unite together and abandon prejudices, to promote the cause of freedom and justice of human.

Our greatest strength is not from nuclear weapons in our hands or the heroic soldiers, but the power of our thoughts. Over the past years, we have sowed the seeds of liberty throughout the world with hard, sweat, blood, and even lives, all our efforts were not in vain. Our ideals - freedom, equality, and human rights, have been recognized and accepted by the vast majority of people in the world, and have become the universal values, we rejoiced at it. Even the most dishonest tyrant, dare not challenge our values in flagrant and blatant ways, we have reached the harvest season right now. We know that there is full of thorns on the road ahead inevitably, and we have never forgotten our mission entrusted by our ideals. We are willing to devote even at the expense of sacrifice. Our descendants would appreciate what we are doing now, just as we have been grateful for our ancestors who had given everything to us.

We are always faithful to our ideals, we also never give up our belief that strives for the ideals, and we are engaged in a great exploit unprecedented in the history. My American compatriots, please don't ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world who have set their hearts on pursuing freedom, from now on I would remind you that, don't ask again that what America can do for you, but what we can do for the cause of human freedom. Our exploit would surely achieve triumph, for we are the United States, we have the courage, and we are not afraid of challenge from any difficulty and danger. ” After his speech, the politicians of the United States and around the world are all in favor of his speech, and they are full of admiration for it, and everywhere is full of applause.

The second elder was shocked for that the president hadn’t been assassinated and completed his speech smoothly, he knew that this was not good. At this time, the oldest warrior, the oldest elder's daughter and the policemen came in, announced that he had been arrested. The second elder in handcuffs, together with all other people, saw that the referendum was started on TV. The result of the referendum was that about 78 percent of the Americans agreed that. The president announced that the United States had formally joined the European Union, "It isn’t only a victory of the United States, but also a victory for all mankind." he said. Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and other countries expressed their congratulations respectively, they all believed that it was an event that had great historical significance. The United States had once again made the right choice. For its forward-looking historic vision, the selflessness of the broad and noble qualities of the humble and fearless, the United States had once again made a contribution for the career of human freedom. As the oldest elder expected, they said that it would also be considered to promote their countries to join the EU.

Within the organization, they saw the video, knew it was the second elder who murdered the oldest elder, and knew that their real purpose of betraying Skull and Bones and the interests of the United States, was to make money for arms dealer group, not to achieve the ideals of Skull and Bones from their conversation. Many people of the arms dealer group and the commercial group felt that they had been deceived and fooled. Several associates of the second elder didn't dare say anything. Their membership in Skull and Bones voted to abolish his position. He stunned when he received the dismissal notification. He knew that he had lost the last straw, and would face the trial court at any time. The oldest elder's proposal about joining the EU was recognized in the committee of Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones began to promote the implementation of this program in the United States presidential, congressional, and the upper of all countries of the world.

9. Return

The oldest warrior was the savior of Skull and Bones. It was him who freed it from slavery, and made it see the light again. Skull and Bones once again became a spiritual organization which helped people to quest for freedom and equality. During the oldest warrior helped the oldest elder’s daughter to take a revenge for her father, she had deeply felt his integrity and brave noble quality, and decided to receive his proposal. The oldest warrior married her eventually. Within Skull and Bones, the oldest warrior gained the support of the oldest elder family, awarded skull-class medal, and was promoted to the oldest elder. "The current policy of Skull and Bones is to maintain the spirit of freedom and equality, and to guarantee everyone in the world to have the right to dream and to realize their dreams." He said in his inaugural address.

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大长老对世界局势已经了然于胸,他认为当前的世界政治发展到了一个新的历史时期,以美国为时代特征的人类社会已经处于一个人类历史发展的转折点。世界经济已经实现了一体化,由于经济是具有决定作用的力量,世界经济一体化的发展下去最终会导致世界政治一体化的实现。为了更好的协调世界各国的经济利益,世界经济的高度一体化必然会导致世界政治的一体化。如果实现了世界政治的一体化,人类社会将迎来一个全新的政治历史时期,全球各国才能发挥出1+12的力量:1、让人类相互合作而不再相互残杀,综合协调使用人类所有的力量,使人类具有前所未有的力量,增强人类应对各种已知和未知危机的能力,增强人类改造世界的能力;2、消除内耗,使人类永远消灭战争,彻底控制核武器,彻底消除核武器的威胁,根本上维护人类安全; 3、可以节省下上千万最优秀的战士,把有限的地球资源、无数的高科技人才和巨额的军费最合理的使用,把这些本来用以相互杀戮的东西转而用来为人类谋求福利,这将对世界的发展是个巨大的促进;4、可以促进全球范围内实现自由、平等、真理的价值观,使自由和平等的精神贯彻到全球的所有角落,使古今中外无数仁人志士和精英人物的人类大一统的政治梦想成为现实,人类将迎来政治上的光明时期。5、现在政治的分裂状态阻碍了经济一体化的进一步发展和深化,阻碍的经济的发展,只有政治一体化才更适应当前经济的发展,那时,全球就可以只使用一种货币;6、政治一体化以后才能建立最合理的政治、经济秩序,解决人类所面临的其他各种问题,比如说领土纠纷、经济战争、打击犯罪,可以一揽子的解决目前各国所面对的各种头疼的问题。这样,骷髅会的理想——自由和平等就能在全球实现。目前这种分裂的政治状态会阻碍全球经济的进一步发展。这种状态持续下去,各国必然会不停的陷于各种纷争,人类内耗加剧,不但不能发挥出1+12的力量,反而是1+12。所以,全球政治一体化才是在当前时代的美国和世界各国人民的根本利益所在。从目前所有方面来看,实现世界政治一体化所需要的各种所需要的条件已经逐步基本具备,这已经成为了一个现实可行的政治方案。现在世界总体上的主要政治、经济、战争力量已经控制在自由国家的手里;人类的经济一体化已经深化并且已经深深的影响各国政治,大家已经接受了经济一体化带来的影响;人类的科技水平和文明的发展水平也达到了一个新阶段。这些外在条件已经具备,再加上骷髅会的强大力量周密运作,是能够实现这些目标的。大长老的具体计划是以自由和平等的骷髅会原则作为各国融合的基本原则,整个计划分为三步走:首先是大欧洲计划——建立欧盟。因为欧洲的思想、经济条件、人种相差不大,可以先秘密组织欧洲统一。欧洲统一的试验成功以后,要立刻实行泛欧洲计划——以欧洲为雏形作为一种政治平台,促使美国加入欧盟。因为欧盟的国家又多又散,没有重量级的、有威望的国家作为核心力量,欧盟将是一个不稳定的政治组织,国家间的一些问题很难凭借自身力量协调解决。所以如果不能迅速解决这个问题,欧盟最终将维持不下去。美国和欧盟各国具有同样的宗教、政治信仰、经济水平差别不大。如果美国能放下身段加入欧盟,欧盟有了能够起支柱作用的核心力量,欧盟的面貌就会焕然一新,他不再是松散的欧洲邦联,而将是强大的欧盟帝国。这将历史性的改变全球的政治版图,这是一个能对所有国际事务起决定性作用力量的组织。这既是欧盟力量的增强,也是美国力量的增强,更是自由世界力量的增强。美国的加入还将对世界其他国家起示范带头作用,促使日本、澳大利亚、加拿大、日本、韩国、新加坡等众多国情相似的国家加入到欧盟来,欧盟在世界总政治格局的份量就会进一步加大,以统一的泛欧洲作为载体的人类政治上统一的格局就基本形成。最后一步,将是通过泛欧洲的巨大力量和影响将政治一体化逐步延伸到世界所有国家,凭借欧盟帝国的强大力量和普世的价值观,这是没有哪个国家能抗拒得了,世界所有国家的政治一体化计划就基本完成。对那些极少数的不归化的独裁政权则迅速将其边缘化,最终促使他们加入自由世界的行列。这样,世界的政治格局就发生完全的和根本的改观。这时,人类就将生活在一个新的世界中,这不但是一个前所未有的安全的世界,更是一个能为世界上所有人的自由、平等提供保护的世界。本计划的最大优点是完全放弃战争手段,而代之以和平手段实现人类的政治一体化。粗略的估计,用不了10年,本计划就能完全实现。





























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