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Laser glasses tell you protection knowledge

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   You deservepreservation of UV damage and protection of common sense, it has to trust ourUV very understanding, but we really know that the UV damage and protection oftrust? Many people expressed utterly ignorant of Never mind today, laserprotective glasses for our staff to share the UV damage and protection.

   The wavelength of100-400 nm electromagnetic waves for ultraviolet spectrum, it is not visible tosome one can reach the ground ultraviolet wavelengths greater than 290 nm,shorter than 290 nm ultraviolet light is absorbed by the ozone layer. In theproduction environment as the object temperature above 1200 degrees, you canshow the ultraviolet radiation spectrum, such as smelting furnace, electricwelding, gas welding, mercury quartz lamp, ultraviolet lamp can emitultraviolet. The effect of ultraviolet radiation on the body is related to thewavelength of radiation. Ultraviolet light has a great influence on the growthof human life and life.

   According to theUV wavelength can be divided into three: some A wavelength is located 320-400nm, A UV on our body is now on the influence of the synthesis of vitamin D havestimulative effect, but the A will lead to excessive ultraviolet light lightinduced aggregation, restrain the immune system function, too little or lack ofA ultraviolet light and simple with red disease and cataract; B is locatedbetween UV wavelength of 280-320 nm, B UV on our body to make the skin effect nowbecome red and the short term decline in vitamin D production, long time bearmay cause skin cancer, cataracts and restrain the immune system function; C islocated between 100-280 nm wavelength; effects of ultraviolet radiation onhuman is mainly reflected A UV and B UV induction effect.

The UV index ultraviolet light intensity tothe human body of the 0, 1, 2 may affect the weakest security 3, 5, 6 and 4weak normal medium 7, 8, 9 to 10 strong strong strong body is beneficial toharmful ultraviolet side, also have harmful side. UV germicidal efficacy. Thebacteria in the air and surface bacteria by ultraviolet light can be killedafter the time bound, the clinical use of the disinfection effect to themedical ward and. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, harmful to the body.The effect on the skin such as UV fierce, can occur photodermatitis, skinerythema, itching, blisters, showing edema; the effect on the central nervoussystem, headache, dizziness, can present the temperature effect of advanced; inthe eye, can cause conjunctivitis, keratitis, called photophthalmia. Accordingto reports, a long time a lot of exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skincancer and induced cataract.

   With ultravioletlaser in medical, industrial processing is becoming more and more widely used,the potential threat of UV also increased. Thus the night?? in order to avoidthe harmful ultraviolet rays, intense ultraviolet touch staff protective masks,protective glasses and gloves with special protection.

   Chengdu light Sidsafety technology company produces SD-UV series of UV safety goggles,protective window by special organic materials and absorbent material. Highefficiency, safety, excellent protection products non-toxic. Can be useful forprotection against UV laser and ultraviolet sterilization equipment potentialharm to human health. Our SD-UV series by the State commodity inspectionauthority the national security standard, completely satisfied the request. Inthe near ultraviolet, UV, ultraviolet, UV attenuation security more than 10000times, which does not affect the strong ultraviolet, eye damage.

   The above is thelaser protective glasses staff to bring us, for UV damage and protection of thecontent. We look forward to the future to help us, if we want to know moreabout this kind of common sense and content.

   This paper provided byradium screen science and technology, please indicate that radium screentechnology provide Laser safety glasses, Laser safety eyewear, Laser safety goggle, IPL safety glasses and other products, please login ( consulting


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